RealCa$hFlow® Investment Real Estate Analysis and Valuation Software is for the Investor, Broker, Agent, Consultant, Accountant, Appraiser and Lender.

This innovative program combines ease of use with speed, precision, presentation quality reports and powerful goal seeking utilities. Data Input and output screens are organized, accessible and easy to interpret. Please explore our site to learn more about both the PC and Online versions. System Requirements

We also offer custom consulting services:
  • Financial Analysis for all types of properties including pre-construction projects.

  • Coordinate with and present to Brokers, Investors, Lenders and Principals.

  • Assist with Acquisitions, Sales and Site Selection efforts.

For Details Contact Customer Service.

What Our Users Are Saying
"RealCa$hFlow® 5 is the easiest financial analysis program I have ever used...It's like ARGUS without the 'Argh'...I use it every day as do all of my associates...it's simply the quickest, easiest way to put together a powerful financial presentation."

Adam P. Von Romer, CCIM
Sr. Investment Associate/Broker
Axis Realty Advisors, LLC
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Commercial Real Estate Speaker/Author